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3D Models of Mansions on Flatpyramid.

The mansion is a large, often richly decorated detached private house, sometimes of a palace type. Unlike a country villa, the mansion is designed for permanent habitation. Country mansion with adjoining land in pre-revolutionary Russia was called a manor.

In Russia, two-story houses or single-story buildings with a mezzanine predominate among the urban mansions of pre-revolutionary construction. They were built of brick or wood, then covered with plaster.

In Paris and other cities of France from the time before the French Revolution, a detached rich private townhouse is called a detached house. A typical Parisian mansion is separated from the street by a lattice and a driveway dusted with rubble, and there is a garden behind the house. The oldest ones of the aristocracy and the clergy have medieval features, the main part of which dates back to the XVII-XVIII centuries.

In the 19th century, houses of European-style mansions in the style of classicism became popular (for example, the Pashkov House). There were also stately estates with the main house, outbuildings and a park. Later Empire became the dominant style. There are mansions of the late XIX century, in the architecture of which there was a mixture of styles of noble estates and merchant houses.