Freight 3D Models

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3D Models of Freight trains for Cargo and for transport downloadable in in 3ds max maya lwo obj fbx and more.

A freight train is a group of train cars led by a locomotive. Such transport is designed to transport goods.

Types of trains:

– Container;
– Short;
– reefer;
– For transportation of living creatures;
– for transportation of perishable goods;

Cross-cutting – following without processing through at least one technical (sorting or divisional) station;

Precinct – following without processing from one technical station to another;

Combined – for delivery of cars to intermediate stations;

Transfer – for the delivery of cars from one station node to another;

Exports – for the removal of groups of wagons from individual intermediate stations of the site;

Freight long-haul – a train, the length of which exceeds the maximum rate established by the schedule of movement on the section of the route, at least one conditional car;

Heavy cargo – a train, the weight of which for the corresponding series of locomotives is 100 tons or more higher than the weight norm established by the schedule on the route;

Cargo increased weight – a train weighing more than 6000 tons;

With increased length – a train with a length of 350 axles and more;

United freight – consisting of two or more coupled trains, with existing locomotives at the head of each train;

According to the distance and nature of the work, freight trains are divided into route, cross-sectional, precinct, modular, export and transfer