Renault 3D Models

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Car brand Renault is the largest French manufacturer of cars, as well as buses and trucks. Of course, you will find all kinds of Renault 3D models on Flatpyramid. The founder was Louis Reno. The young man since the childhood was fond of different devices and mechanisms. At the same time, he was not interested in learning in the classical sense of the word. Renault was the offspring of wealthy parents, so he quickly acquired his own workshop and started designing it. Although the workshop was similar to the barn so it wasn’t a usual workshop at all.

The result of Renault was the appearance of the first self-propelled carriage in 1898. It was driven by an aggregate of just 0.75 l. from. After that, his elder brother Louis joined him and they organized a joint venture. A year later, the new company has already released 15 cars.

Initially, the brothers focused on the production of cars for participation in races. But in 1900, the production direction changed dramatically, Renault began to produce large, luxurious cars with a closed cabin.

By 1906, the company significantly expands its sphere of interest. It engaged in the production of buses and engines for aircraft. A year earlier, the car was presented, intended for use as a taxi.

Traditionally, for such enterprises, Renault switched to the production of military products during the First World War. Particularly, it was engaged in the production of light tanks FT-17. Their layout has become a classic for world tank building and is still used today.

During its existence, the company has used many logos. The most famous symbol of “Renault” – vertically elongated diamond, which appeared in 1925. The style of his image twice radically changed – in 1972 and 1992. Since 2004, the logo has received a yellow background, in 2007 the inscription RENAULT was added from below.

In 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, together with the premiere of the new cars Renault Espace and Renault Kadjar, Renault presented a new corporate identity and company logo. The background turned white, a vertical yellow stripe appeared on the right side of the logo, the yellow color itself became lighter. Rhombus rounded and received a pronounced light flare. At the bottom of the logo is a new company slogan – “Passion for life”. The inscriptions on the logo are made with the new Renault Life font.

The most popular Renault 3D models:

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  • Mégane R.S., Renault Mégane GT, Renault Mégane Estate GT
  • Kangoo express
  • Trafic
  • Master