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3D Models of Semi Trucks for 3d modeling and rendering of high resolution graphics and animation.

A semi-truck is a type of trailer that, with its front end, rests on a tractor. It is a vehicle that is designed to transport a variety of goods on the roads of all categories.

For a hitch of the semi-trailer with the tractor in front of the semi truck, there is a basic platform with a pivot. The tractor, in turn, has a saddle into which the pivot enters and onto which the semi-trailer’s bearing platform lies. Thus, the semi-trailer transfers part of its weight to the tractor. Today, as a rule, backlash-free saddles are used, which exclude knocks and blows when traveling by road train of irregularities.

Currently, they can be divided into two large groups: the European type and the American.

-European-type semi trucks, as a rule, have three axles with single-track busbar and disc bridges (for countries with good road coverage and relatively warm winters) or drum brakes.

-American semi-trailers have, as a rule, two (rarely three) axles with a twin-wheel busbar and drum (in view of efficiency) brakes; All bridges are involved in the movement and lifting are not.

– European-type semitrailers sometimes have a “pallet box” – a metal box attached to the frame of the semi-trailer instead of side bumpers, designed to carry pallets.

– American semi truck, due to the lack of relevant standards, are often not equipped with side bump stops at all, which creates the danger of a car going under the wheels of a “truck”

– Some refrigerated and isothermal semi-trailers of the American type are made low-capacity to increase the volume. In European, it is extremely rare.

– Also, tent semi-trailers of American and European type differ in the method and design of the tent.