Flowers 3D Models

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3D Models of Flowers on Flatpyramid.

A flower is a complex system of seed reproduction organs of flowering (angiosperms) plants.

The flower is a modified, shortened and growth-limited sporiferous shoot, adapted for the formation of spores and gametes, as well as for the sexual process, culminating in the formation of a fruit with seeds. The exceptional role of the flower as a special morphological structure is related to the fact that it fully combines all the processes of asexual and sexual reproduction. The flower differs from the buds of gymnosperms in that as a result of pollination, pollen falls on the stigma of the pistil, and not directly on the ovule, and during subsequent sexual process, the ovules in flowering develop into seeds inside the ovary.

The flower, being a unique formation in nature and function, is strikingly diverse in details of the structure, color and size. The smallest flowers of the Legnaceae family are only about 1 mm in diameter, while the largest flower in Arnold rafflesia (Rafflesia arnoldii) of the Rafflesian family, found in tropical forests on the island of Sumatra, is 91 cm in diameter and has a mass of about 11 kg

Flowers are solitary, but more often grouped into inflorescences.

The flower consists of the stem part (peduncle and receptacle), the leaf part (sepals, petals) and the generative part (stamens, pistil or pistils). The flower has an apical position, but it can be located both on the top of the main shoot and on the side. It is attached to the stalk by means of a pedicle.