Cutting 3D Models

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3D Models of Cutting Weapons and other Melee for 3d modeling and rendering of high-resolution graphics for games, simulations, and animations.

By the term piercing-cutting weapon, we understand the totality of various objects specifically designed for applying puncture and incised wounds. In turn, it is subdivided into bladed weapons and I am adapted handy objects. On the streets more often used second.

STRAIGHT RAZOR. The bright representative of the cutting bladed weapon, it is the dangerous razor. Recall that the razor constructively consists of two elements:

a) a slightly curved handle with a side slot where the blade is placed, and overlaid side plates of bone, horn, plastic, wood;

b) a rectangular single-blade blade without a point.

The handle and the blade are connected with the help of a hinge. In the folded position, the blade is recessed in the side groove of the handle, and only its butt is left outside.

Of course, now the razor has become almost antiques, but nevertheless, it has not disappeared from the list of street arsenals. The reason for this is its compactness and excellent cutting properties. The main advantage of a razor is that any part of the body, including thin bones, under the influence of its blade falls into two parts.