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Download Clothes 3D Models on Flatpyramid Such as T Shirt 3D Model, Hat, Skirt or Dress

The growing popularity of online stores and online shopping create a constant demand for 3d modeling and visualization of various products. Today in online stores people buy clothes especially often and they need to see the goods in all angles. Therefore, 3d visualization and creation of 3d models of goods are the movers, that are increasing sales growth.
3d models of clothes can also be used for various fashion shows or to showcase a future collection and collect feedback about it at an early stage.
Of course, 3D models of clothes are used in a film making and in cartoons. They also play an important role in game development, especially in RPG games.
On Flatpyramid you will find different types of clothes created with the help of popular software like Rhino or 3ds Max. For example:

  • T-Shirt 3D models
  • Hat 3D models.
  • Skirt and dress 3D models