Arenas 3D Models

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In this category you will find arena 3d models, they include different sports arenas, stadiums and more.

If you are looking, for example, for Soccer stadiums you probably know that stadiums  rated at 5 stars are eligible for the final matches of the European Championships, UEFA Champions League final and UEFA Cup, their capacity must be at least 50,000 spectators, and meet some other additional criteria. Stadiums rated at 4 stars are eligible for the final of the UEFA Cup, their capacity should be more than 30,000 spectators, plus compliance with some other criteria.

You will also find arenas for Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Baseball and many more.

Such models would be useful for different sports related projects as well as for advertisements and games. It is also good for visualisation of different sports tactics and strategies, and for educational purposes. Usually 3D artists are using Vray, 3ds Max, Maya to create arena 3D models.