Soccer 3D Models

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Soccer 3D Models Football on Flatpyramid.

Soccer is a team sport in which the goal is to score a ball into the opponent’s goal with feet or other parts of the body (except hands) more times than the opposing team. Currently the most popular and massive sport in the world.

FIFA and the International Olympic Committee use “football” as the official international name of the game.

The full English-language name of the game, “association football”, was chosen after the creation of the English Football Association in 1863 to distinguish this game from other types of football that existed at the time, such as rugby football (“rugby football ”,“ football according to the rules of the Rugby School ”), where hand-play was allowed. Over time, long names seeing “association football” began to shrink in everyday speech and print. First, in England, the abbreviation “assoc.” Was spread, then in the 1880s the term football was formed from it by adding to the abbreviation “-soc-” the suffix “-er” in Oxford style (by analogy with rugby). -Football was abbreviated as a rugger. In periodicals, the term “soccer” has been used since at least 1892.

Ball games have been played in many countries. In China, this variety was called Zhu-Ke. In ancient Sparta, the game was called Episkyros, and in ancient Rome, Harpastum. Somewhere in the New time in the Bryansk lands, there were games, the inventory of which was a leather ball the size of a human head, stuffed with feathers. These contests were called “shalyga” and “kila”. Around the XIV century, the Italians invented the game “Calcio”. They brought this game to the British Isles.