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Aktiebolaget Volvo is a Swedish concern. It produces commercial and commercial vehicles, buses, engines and various equipment. Earlier, the Volvo concern also produced passenger cars, but in 1999 it sold its passenger compartment under the name Volvo Personvagnar to the Ford concern, which in 2010 resold it to the Geely concern.

The word “Volvo” comes from the Latin language and was originally the slogan of the parent company – the famous SKF. Literally, the name can be translated as “Twist” or “Revolve”, but over time, the option “Swing.” Headquarters – in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 1999, the concern sold its passenger division of Ford’s Volvo Personvagnar to $ 6.45 billion. Since 1999, Volvo Cars in the USA has become a division of the concern Ford. In December 2009, Ford announced the sale of Volvo Personvagnar AB for $ 1.8 billion to the Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Automobile. March 29, 2010, the Chinese company officially announced the signing of documents on the acquisition of Volvo Personvagnar and the rights to the brand from Ford Motor Company for $ 1.8 billion. August 2, 2010, the transaction was completed.

Currently, the company and the Chinese company Geely Automobile, which owns Volvo Cars, own the rights to the company’s brand and logo.