Stomach 3D Models

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The stomach is a hollow muscular organ, part of the digestive tract, lies between the esophagus and the duodenum.

The volume of an empty organ is about 0.5 l. (0.8-1.5 l). After eating, it usually stretches to 1 liter, but it can increase to 4 l.

The peritoneal ligaments of the stomach from the side of the lesser curvature belong to the small omentum.

The hepato-gastric ligament, which is a continuation to the left of the hepatoduodenal ligament, approaches the pyloric part and the lesser curvature of the stomach from the side of the gate of the liver. Here, its front and back sheets go to the corresponding walls of the stomach.

On the side of the greater curvature of the body are the ligaments that make up the greater omentum.

Gastro-diaphragmatic ligament, lig. gastrophrenic, moves from the diaphragm to the bottom of the stomach.

Gastro-splenic ligament, from the top of the greater curvature of the spleen approaches to the approach