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After the end of World War I, White trucks deservedly gained a reputation as durable and reliable cars. At the end of 1918, the production of 3-ton and 5-ton * trucks of TJ and TG models with cardan gears began. At the end of 1919, a new generation of trucks with a carrying capacity of 0.75 to 5 tons was created, which were already worn by digital indices. By the early 1920s, White trucks were found throughout the United States. In addition to individual owners and transport companies, the cars were popular with the authorities of large American cities, who used them in the police, fire brigade, for street watering, garbage collection and for other purposes. In 1921–1927 The range of manufactured trucks consisted of 8 main models – from 1-ton White 15 to 7.5-ton White 52.

In 1931, the production of the series 600 cars with a load capacity from 1.5 to 9 tons was started. All of them were equipped with six-cylinder overhead valve gasoline engines with a capacity from 54 to 108 hp. In 1932, the model range was replenished with the heavy model White 691. This truck was used mainly as a saddle tractor with a saddle load up to 9 tons, but there were its variants in the form of three-axle chassis and even mining dump trucks. In 1933, the company launched the first models of the new 700th series with a cabin and plumage of a more rounded shape. Another new product was the unusual for the time bonded trucks models 730 and 731, produced in 1935-1937. As a power unit for them used a 12-cylinder engine, previously developed for city buses.

In November 1935, at the New York Auto Show, new cars of the 700th series were shown. These elements had rapid forms, which gave the trucks a stylistic similarity with the newest American cars presented at the exhibition. The subsequent series of White trucks retained this image until 1960. The new family included a large number of models – from the delivery White 700P with a lifting capacity of 0.75 tons to a 10-ton White 722A. Especially for these cars were developed six-cylinder engines ranging from 80 to 133 hp. Since 1936, production of the 800-series truckless trucks began. In 1939, the company launched the White Horse series rear axle truck delivery vans.