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Boxing is a popular sport that’s why you can find boxing related 3D models too.

It is a contact sport, single combat, in which athletes strike each other with their fists in special gloves. The referee controls the fight, which lasts up to 12 rounds. Victory is awarded if the opponent is knocked down and cannot rise within ten seconds (knockout) or if he is injured and does not allow him to continue the fight (technical knockout). If after a set number of rounds the bout has not been stopped, the winner is determined by the judges’ scores.

The earliest evidence of such contests is recorded on Sumerian, Egyptian and Minoan reliefs. Tournaments for fistfights took place in ancient Greece. Truly boxing became a sports martial art in 688 BC. Oe., when the fist fights were first included in the program of the ancient Olympic Games. Modern boxing originated in England at the beginning of the 18th century.

Since some countries have their own types of boxing – French boxing (a symbiosis of savata, English boxing and cane fencing) in France, Lethway in Myanmar, Muay Thai in Thailand, the term “English boxing” is sometimes used to refer to the most common boxing type.

Previously, the main reason for the fighting was money – the participants fought for the prizes, and the audience made bets. The modern Olympic movement has revived interest in amateur boxing, which in 1904 again became an Olympic sport, and in 1920 finally entered the program of the Games.

Now amateur fights are limited to three or four rounds, and the winner is determined by the number of points scored for an accurate hit into the body and face of an opponent. Boxers spend the fight in a protective helmet, reducing the possibility of injury, knockdown or knockout. Almost all over the world, professional boxing has gained more popularity, but in Cuba and in some former Soviet republics, the amateur version prevails. For most boxers, playing at the Olympics becomes a source of experience needed for a future career in a professional form.

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