Ear 3D Models

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The ear is a complex organ of humans and animals, intended for the perception of sound vibrations. For most chordates, besides perception of sound, it performs another function: it is responsible for the position of the body in space and the ability to maintain balance. This organ of vertebrates is a paired organ that is located in the temporal bones of the skull. In mammals (including humans), the ear is limited outside the auricle.

The human ear perceives sound waves with a frequency of approximately from 8 to 20 000 Hz (oscillations per second), which corresponds to a wavelength (in air under normal conditions) from 20.6 m to 1.7 cm.

In the process of evolutionary development, the ear originated in the primary ancestors of vertebrates from particular skin sensory organs (lateral organs).

The outer ear of a person consists of the auricle and the external auditory canal. The auricle is a complex-shaped elastic cartilage covered in the skin; its lower part, called the lobe, is the skin fold, which consists of skin and adipose tissue. The auricle is very sensitive to any damage.

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