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Aristotle, for the first time in his own separate work, On the Emergence of Animals, attempted to divide the living world into plants and animals. This was followed by the works of Karl Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist and physician, the creator of a unified system of classification of flora and fauna (which brought him worldwide fame), in which knowledge of the entire previous period in the development of biological science was largely streamlined and summarized. Among the main merits of Linnaeus are the definition of the concept of a biological species, the introduction of the binomial (binary) nomenclature into active use and the establishment of clear coordination between systematic (taxonomic) categories. In addition, Carl Linnaeus is the author of the first hierarchical classification of living nature, which became the basis (basis) for the scientific classification of living organisms. He divided the natural world into three “kingdoms”: mineral, vegetable and animal, using four levels (“ranks”): classes, squads, clans and species. The method of forming a scientific name introduced by Karl Linney to the practice of systematics for each of the species (the so-called trivial names of the Latin. Nomina trivialia, which later became used as specific epithets in the binomial names of living organisms) is still used (the previously used long names consisting of a large number of words, gave a description of the species, but were not strictly formalized). Using the Latin name of two words – the name of the genus, then the specific name – allowed us to separate the nomenclature from the taxonomy. In the original scheme of Karl Linnaeus, the animals were assigned to one of the three kingdoms, divided into classes Worms, Insects, Pisces, Reptiles (later Amphibians and Reptiles), Birds and Mammals. Since then, the last four classes have been merged into one type – chordates, while the other classes have been classified as invertebrates.

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