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3D artists love to create 3D models of monsters & creatures because they can create something scary and unusual.

Basically, the monster is a fantastic creature of enormous size and/or unusual structure.

In most European languages, the word comes from the Latin monstrum, which originally meant creatures (plants and animals) born with congenital deformities, which in antiquity were considered as omens, and the study of which was conducted within the framework of the quasi-scientific discipline of teratology. Later, the term was extended to various mythical creatures, especially on giant or chimera-like: actually chimeras, centaurs, gorgons, mermaids or minotaurs.

On the other hand, the ancient Greeks sublimated and personalized their instinctual fears in images of monsters, and rationalized them. Ancient writers, such as Herodotus, invented races of monstrous animals and people, inhabiting the countries of the East. Medieval Europe and the Arab East have continued this tradition, the legends of Sinbad the Sailor can serve as a typical example. A popular genre of medieval literature was the bestiary – a collection of descriptions of various animals, often fictional and monstrous, usually furnished with commentaries, interpreting them as Christian allegories.

Below is a list of the terrible monsters that scare people:

1. A snowman or a Yeti. This is a very popular monster. However, scientists do not believe in its existence. The anthropoid monster is covered with wool, has huge powerful limbs and disgustingly smells. Yeti is a popular 3D model.

2. The Loch Ness monster is no less famous. Researchers repeatedly plunged into the lake Lokness, but did not find anything. The monster has a horse’s head and a long neck.

3. Monster bloodsucker Chupacabra. Since 1995, he “sucks” the blood out of his victims. Monster growth with chimps jumps – like a kangaroo. His eyes are red, his arms are shaggy, his tongue is like a snake, and his teeth are like a vampire.

4. The suburb of New Jersey in America keeps in fear the humanoid monster Devil of Jersey. It appeared in the 18th century. They say that it can become invisible. The monster’s head is like a collie. He has black legs with hoofs and wings.

5. The Creature-Criptide The butterfly-man frightens Point Pleasant in West Virginia since the 1960s. The long gray monster has red hypnotic eyes, eats dogs and flies at great speed.

6. Elves and fairies. Some people believe in their existence. Elves and fairies are usually appear in videos games and in movies as 3D models.

7. The Dover Demon is like a humanoid. He has a big head and a peach-colored body.

8. Loveland pangolin appeared in the state of Ohio. The monster is like a dog, covered with scales and a face like a frog.

9. According to many people, dinosaurs have not yet died out. Some believe that in the forests of South America and Africa live monsters, similar to pterodactyls.

10. Jack “spring-on-the-heel” lived in Victorian England. From his antics suffer until this time. People describe him as a man in a black cloak and helmet, with claws.

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