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MP3 Players Audio 3D Models including iPod.

Such player is a device that stores, organizes and plays music/multimedia files, stored in digital form, on its own flash memory, memory card, flash drive or laser disc, unlike analog audio players that play music from analog media such media like plates, compact cassettes, etc.

The first digital players that received the most widespread support only supported the MP3 format, which is why the concept of such player is often used today, although modern devices support many other formats, for example, WMA, AAC, Ogg / Vorbis, FLAC, WAV.

The first highlighted player, in the modern sense of the word, was launched on the market in 1996 and immediately won the Audience Award at the annual Internet conference. The South Korean player MPMan, presented in mid-1998, had only 32 MB of memory. Therefore, in the same year, Compaq introduced the first player based on a hard disk with almost 5 GB of memory, and many other manufacturers offered MP3 players that use a compact disc as a carrier (such devices usually supported both MP3 discs and audio-cd).