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The architectural style can be defined as a combination of the main features and characteristics of the architecture of a specific time and place, manifested in the features of its functional, constructive and artistic aspects (the purpose of buildings, building materials, and structures, methods of architectural composition). The concept of architectural style is included in the general concept of style as an artistic worldview, encompassing all aspects of the art and culture of a society in certain conditions of its social and economic development, as a combination of the main ideological and artistic features of the master.

The development of other architecture objects styles depends on climatic, technical, religious and cultural factors.

Although the development of architecture is directly dependent on time, styles do not always alternate each other consistently, the simultaneous coexistence of styles as alternatives to each other (for example, baroque and classicism, modern and eclectic, functionalism, constructivism and art deco) is known.

The architectural style, like the style in the art in general, is a conventional concept. It is convenient for understanding the history of European architecture. However, for the comparison of the history of the architecture of several regions, style as a descriptive tool is not suitable.

There are such styles (for example, modern), which in different countries are called differently.

Within the framework of the postmodernist paradigm, many trends have emerged, which differ significantly in philosophy and linguistic means. While there are scientific debates about the independence of one direction or another, there is not and cannot be unity in terminology.

Despite these shortcomings, style as a descriptive tool is part of the scientific method of the history of architecture, because it allows us to trace the global vector of development of architectural thought.

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