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3D Models of parts and components for ships, boats, and other watercraft models such as commerical recreational military including jet ski sailboats bombardier cargo boats sailboa.

Sea-going vessels should have seaworthiness, i.e., the ability not to collapse and not to sink in waves; Sea vessels are larger than river vessels.

Ports (sea and river) are used for loading and unloading; for passengers construct sea and river stations.

Water transport has a high carrying capacity and very low cost of transportation; in addition, it allows you to transport almost any bulky cargo. Further, water transport is vital where land transportation is not possible: between continents, islands, as well as in poorly developed areas. An important kind of water transport are ferries.

The speed of movement in water transport is relatively low, so now it is almost not used for business passenger traffic. But he is very popular with tourists and lovers of outdoor activities in general. Large tourist ships and various boats, yachts and boats are also used.

A special type of water transport – the snowmobile – moves under the force of wind on skates on the frozen surface of the water.