Auditorium 3D Models

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Auditorium 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Auditory is a room intended for oral presentations to the public in an educational institution or other public building.

The audience is a large, specially equipped room. Most of the audience occupy seats for listeners, oriented in one direction. Usually, there is an elevation – the scene. A tribune is usually installed on it or in front of it. Equipment for drawing or presentations is placed on the stage. This could be a blackboard or chalkboard, flipchart, projection screen, large TV or video wall. There is the possibility of hanging posters. The audience has a multi-lamp lighting or a large number of high and wide windows.

Audiences usually have a capacity of up to 100 seats and have a horizontal floor. At greater capacity, the seats should be raised with ledges (amphitheater). In this case, visibility is calculated on the lower edge of an electronic or chalkboard, screen or video wall located on the stage. In auditoriums without an amphitheater, the stage level rises by 25 cm relative to the floor level of the first row of seats. The width of the passage between the stage and the first row must be at least 110 cm. The diagonal of the projection screen or video wall must be at least 1/6 the distance from the screen to the last row of the audience.

Auditorium 3D models file formats: 3ds fbx blend dae lwo obj