Construction 3D Models

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3D Models of Cars and other Vehicles for Construction and other Industrial uses.

The construction of industrial buildings is carried out for the needs of various industries. Depending on the type of activity and technological processes, there are several basic design solutions:

energy buildings (electrical substations, thermal power plants);
production (intended for production);
transport and warehouse (warehouses, garages);
auxiliary (factory canteens, medical, household buildings).

The classification of industrial buildings is carried out according to several principles and has many types. Industrial buildings are divided into four classes, where the first is buildings with increased requirements, and the fourth – with minimal. During construction, fire resistance and durability are taken into account. There are three degrees of durability of buildings:

I – the term of use is about 100 years;
II – not less than 50 years;
III – at least 20 years of service.

Fire resistance of building structures has five main degrees, where first-class buildings are classified as not less than II degree, second-class buildings have a third degree, and in buildings of III and IV classes, the fire resistance of the foundation is not numbered.