Audi 3D Models

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Audi AG – German car-building company in the Volkswagen Group concern, specializing in the production of cars under the brand Audi. The headquarters is located in Ingolstadt (Germany). The motto is Vorsprung durch Technik (means – “Progress through technology”). The volume of production in 2016 is about 1,903,259 cars. In 2012, German car experts created a special rating called “The Best Used Cars” and Audi cars were at the top of it.

Audi 3D models are very popular among 3D artists too because of their aggressive style and long history. You will find all kinds of Audi models such as: A8, A7, A6, A5 that were created with the help of different programs (vray, 3ds Max, Maya).

Also, you can order a custom Audi 3D model from Flatpyramid too.