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3D Models of Recreational Ships, Liners, Sailboats, Cruises, Ski Jets and more for 3d modeling and rendering of high-resolution graphics for games, visualizations, and animations.

A liner is usually a passenger vessel that makes voyages for the delivery of a commercial load from the port of departure to the port of destination according to a previously announced schedule.
Liners are opposed to the tramp – ships that travel between different ports without a schedule, depending on the availability of consignments, as well as cruise ships for sea travel.

The liner differs from a cruise ship in its form and hull strength, better seaworthiness, increased engine power, and higher speed.

In contrast to ferries that cover relatively short distances, merchant and passenger fleet liners travel significantly longer sea distances, often even between continents. Before the start of intercontinental air traffic, liners or ships on the line provided individuals with the quickest and safest opportunity to cross the oceans and were also indispensable for transporting mail across the ocean. In modern shipping in such a mode, container ships are most often used – specialized vessels intended for the transport of containers. Accordingly, the lines they serve are usually called “services.”

Perhaps the most famous and prestigious line in history was the line between Southampton and New York, which was served by many famous liners such as RMS Queen Elizabeth, RMS Queen Mary, RMS Titanic or SS United States.