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3D Sci-Fi Scenes models.

Science fiction (Sci-Fi) is a genre in literature, cinema and other types of art, one of the varieties of fiction. Science fiction is based on fantastic assumptions (fiction, speculation) in the field of science, including both exact and natural, and the humanities. Science fiction describes fictional technologies and scientific discoveries, contacts with inhuman mind, a possible future or an alternative course of history, and the impact of these assumptions on human society and personality. Science fiction often takes place in the future, which makes this genre related to futurology.

There is much controversy among critics and literary critics about what counts as science fiction. Nevertheless, most of them agree on the fact that science fiction is literature based on a certain assumption in the field of science: the emergence of a new invention, the discovery of new laws of nature, and sometimes even the construction of new models of society (social fiction).

In the narrow sense, science fiction is about technologies and scientific discoveries, their fascinating possibilities, their positive or negative influence, about paradoxes that may arise. Sci-Fi in this narrow sense wakes the scientific imagination, makes you think about the future and the possibilities of science. In a more general sense, Sci-Fi is fiction without the fabulous and mystical, in which fantastic events and phenomena have not a supernatural, but a scientific explanation.