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3D Models of weapons collections for 3d modeling and rendering of low poly graphics for games, virtual worlds, and other animations or training environments.

Weapons are divided into:

firearms – a weapon designed to mechanically hit a target at a distance with a projectile (bullet, shot, rubber ball, canister or grenade, when installing a muzzle-propelled grenade launcher) accelerated and directed at the target due to the energy of a burning powder or other chemical charge (Flaubert’s cartridge, for example , does not contain a charge of gunpowder, and the energy of the capsule throws a bullet);

a traumatic weapon is a weapon designed to prevent undesirable actions (aggressive, illegal, etc.) from living subjects – people or animals – by their temporary defeat or disabling.

artillery armament is currently a type of firearm whose purpose is to throw artillery shells and mines by means of a barrel and a propelling charge placed in the latter. The artillery complexes of various purposes serve as the basis of artillery armament. Currently, artillery weapons may also include other technical means used in artillery for conducting artillery fire, in particular, sighting devices and radar stations.

A smooth-bore weapon is a type of firearm and other barreled weapon with no grooves in its barrel (i.e., the inner surface of the barrel is smooth). In particular, this type includes all existing mortars, some types of anti-tank guns and most tank guns. The in-flight stabilization of shells produced by modern smooth-bore artillery guns is ensured by their tail plumage. Smooth-bore weapons are characterized by relative simplicity of design and operation.

A cold weapon is a weapon designed to hit a target with the help of a person’s muscular strength in direct contact with an object (that is, in hand-to-hand combat). Its use is not related to the use of explosives or other sources of energy. In accordance with the device and method of impacting an object, a percussion, piercing, slashing, and cold weapon of mixed (combined) action are emitted. Currently, such types of cold arms as bayonets, dirks, swords and combat knives are used in armies.

Airguns are most often used in sports competitions and are subdivided into spring and gas balloons. But there was also a military pneumatic weapon. In particular, the reason for the creation of military pneumatic weapons was its relatively low noise. Combat airguns were forced out of combat use only appeared silent guns.

throwing weapons – Historically, the first examples of throwing weapons were various bows, slings, crossbows and the like. In the epoch of antiquity, a separate specific class of such weapons — throwing machines (catapults, ballista, trabucium, etc.), was also formed. All-technical firearms and developed railguns can be considered as a special kind of throwing.

mine or grenade – ammunition, the purpose of which is to defeat enemy personnel and equipment, either in contact with him or at a distance. Mines are commonly used.

Weapons collections 3d models file formats: 3ds, max, fbx, c4d, obj