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3D Models of Hockey sport on Flatpyramid.

Hockey is a sport, a family of games on an ice, tartan, plastic, wooden or grassy field, in which two teams try to hit (with a ball or puck) the goal – the opponent’s gate, using sticks. Each team has one goalkeeper, who protects the gates of his team, and several field players.

British sources link the origin of the term “hockey” with the word “hawks” or “hoki.” That is how at the beginning of the Middle Ages harvest holidays were called in a number of English counties. During these holidays, a game was held with the aim of holding the ball with curved sticks to the enemy zone. It is curious that now in the southern states of the United States, workers use hockey – an instrument like a chopper, which is cultivated the land.

According to the first version, the word “hockey” is taken from the Mohawk language. They once played a similar game on the grass. It was called “hogy”, which means “hurt.” The fact is that after the game the losers were punished. The second of the versions adopted in Canada is simpler and better known. It refers to the origin of the word “hockey” to the old French “hoquet”, which means the crooked shepherd’s staff.