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3D Sound System Audio 3D Models.

The sound system is an electronic device or several devices designed to convert an analog or digital signal into acoustic waves (sound). The source of the original signal, in this case, can also be any electronic device.

As a rule, the audio system consists of a converter and an amplifier of the original signal, a speaker system and connecting wires (electrical cables). However, audio systems are available that use wireless networks, such as Bluetooth radio for transmitting and receiving signals.


A cassette player, a CD player, an mp3 player, a tuner (radio) and other devices can play the role of a converter, and not infrequently. The converter is designed to receive a signal from the outside and transmit it to the amplifier.


A signal amplifier in an audio system can be combined with a converter, or it can be a separate electronic device. The amplifier has a signal input and an output or several outputs if multichannel acoustics are connected to it. The task of the amplifier is to take a relatively weak amplitude signal, amplify it to the required level and transmit to the acoustics.


Acoustics in an audio system is a set of active or passive sound emitters (loudspeakers, speakers). Their task is to convert an electrical signal into sound waves. Active speakers in addition to the most sound-emitting heads have their own signal amplifiers.

A separate radiator can be both broadband (capable of reproducing sound waves in the entire spectrum of frequencies heard by the human ear) and narrowband. Narrow-band emitters are divided into low-frequency (LF) – reproduce sound at a frequency of 20 – 60 Hz; low mid-frequency (LF / MF) – 60 – 200 Hz; mid-frequency (MF) – 200 – 4000 Hz and high-frequency (HF) – 4000 – 20000 Hz.