Highways 3D Models

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3D Models of Highway Structures on Flatpyramid.

A highway is a road for high-speed car traffic that does not have single-level intersections with other roads, railway or tram tracks, or pedestrian or bicycle paths.

Designed for high-speed vehicles, the highways for each direction of travel are separated by a barrier or other construction-technical means and have at least two lanes for driving in each direction, and often a wide margin for stopping cars in unforeseen situations.

Exits on motorways are equipped with braking and acceleration lanes. It is forbidden to enter motorways for vehicles whose maximum allowed speed is below a certain value (for example, mopeds or tractors; specific speed depends on the state), as well as for bicycle and horse-drawn transport. Also, pedestrian traffic is prohibited on motorways. Distinctive features of motorways include bans on reversing and stopping outside the designated areas.