Circulatory 3D Models

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Circulatory 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Where the vascular system is closed, it forms a circle of blood circulation. In humans and all vertebrates, there are several circles of blood circulation, exchanging blood among themselves only in the heart. Circle of blood circulation consists of two series-connected circles (loops), starting from the ventricles of the heart and flowing into the atria.

The human cardiovascular system forms two circles of blood circulation: large and small.

The systemic circulation begins in the left ventricle and ends in the right atrium, where the vena cava falls. The time of one blood circulation is 20-24 seconds.
The pulmonary circulation begins in the right ventricle, from which the pulmonary trunk extends, and ends in the left atrium, into which the pulmonary veins fall. The time of one revolution is 4 seconds.
Blood is venous and arterial, but not always arterial blood moves in the arteries, and venous in the veins. It depends on the circulation:

Large circle: in the arteries – arterial, in the veins – venous.
Small circle: in the arteries – venous, and in the veins – arterial.