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Bentley 3D models are represented on Flatpyramid. Below you will find a history of this luxury car brand.

Bentley Motors Ltd. – British automotive company specializing in the production of luxury cars. Since 1998, part of the German concern Volkswagen Group.

The history of the English automaker Bentley began on January 18, 1919, when Walter Owen Bentley (born Walter Owen Bentley), together with Frank Burgess and Harry Varley developed their first car.

In 1922, the Bentley cars won the Tourist Trophy team prize and a year later one of the representatives of this glorious series finished fourth in Le Mans.

In late 1930, Bentley released its most prestigious model – 8L. She became the “swan song” of the firm as independent.

Most popular Bentley 3D models:

  • Mulsanne
  • Brooklands
  • Azure
  • Flying spur
  • GT Speed
  • Supersports
  • GT
  • GTC

In July 2011, the company announced its intention to release its first (not counting the “Bentley Dominator”) crossover.

The official name of the first serial SUV – Bentayga. The cost of some cars can be up to 600,000 euros. For example, one of the options is the Breitling Tourbillion watch in the cabin. The quota of 3,600 cars for 2016 was fully sold out in mid-2015. The first 500 cars received the designation First Edition. The first owner of the first car was Queen Elizabeth II.

Like almost 100 years ago, Bentley used a large amount of manual labor in the production of automobiles. According to Chief Engineer Rolf Fratch: “We make cars 95% manually, so their value is justified.”

The production of one Bentley Mulsanne car requires 9 weeks or 550 hours.

Сovering of salons with leather is performed only by hand. The Continental GT salon needs 11-12 bull skins, and Mulsanne 17-18. Moreover, Bentley uses exclusively the skin of bulls from Scandinavia and Bavaria. To delay one salon you need about 135 meters of thread and you need to make 3800 stitches, which goes up to 37 hours. When skidding the leather steering wheel is used complex technology using two needles and the process takes from 5 to 15 hours.