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3D Models of Animals, reptiles such available in 3ds max, maya, lwo, obj, fbx, xsi, c4d, dwg, dfx, lws.

Reptiles — a class or paraphyletic group of predominantly terrestrial vertebrates, usually including modern turtles, crocodiles, beak-headed and scaly. In the XVIII — XIX centuries, together with amphibians, they were united into a group of – cold-blooded land vertebrates. Traditionally, various vertebrates were attributed to this group, according to the initial concepts similar in their organization to modern ones. However, at present, the question of the physiology of many extinct groups of organisms remains open, and data on their genetic and evolutionary relationships do not support this kind of classification. Many authors who adhere to the traditional systematics, believe that the Argosaurs should be removed from the class of reptiles and merged into one class with the birds. Proponents of the modern cladistic classification insist on uniting all reptiles into one taxonomic group with birds, for which the new class Sauropsida was selected. There are about 9,400 species of non-bird reptiles in the world.

The largest land animals belonged to dinosaurs – representatives of ancient reptiles. They flourished during the Mesozoic era, when they dominated on land, at sea, and in the air. At the end of the Cretaceous, most of them died out. Modern species are only scattered remnants of that world. However, the ancient ones gave rise to a thriving group of animals — birds — and many of the adaptations that led to this group’s evolutionary success came from its ancestors, which were specialized forms of species (warm-bloodedness, heat-insulating body cover — feathers, a developed brain, and etc).