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An infant is a child under one year of age. There is a neonatal period (the first 4 weeks after birth) and a chest age (from 4 weeks to 1 year). The development of an infant has a decisive influence on its further mental and physical development. His body is unstable to external influences, susceptible to diseases, so it needs the most thorough care. Breast age is characterized by particularly intensive growth and development. At the age of one to three months, the growth of the child increases monthly by 3 cm; in 4-6 months – by 2.5 cm. In the first year of life, the growth of a child increases by an average of 1.5 times, reaching 75 cm, body weight increases on average by 3 times, reaching 10 kg.

It makes sense to look at the development of the personality of the younger student in the light of the formation of his inner position, the result of which is his arbitrary behavior — the strategic goal of the entire mental development as a whole at this age.

In primary school age, the leading factor in the formation of voluntary behavior is learning, in part work in the family. The latter is associated with responsibilities in the family when the activity itself becomes pronouncedly arbitrary.

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