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3D models of Physics and related technologies on Flatpyramid.

Physics is the field of natural science: the science of the simplest and at the same time the most general laws of nature, of matter, its structure and motion. The laws of physics are the basis of all natural science.

The term “physics” first appeared in the writings of one of the greatest thinkers of antiquity – Aristotle (IV century BC). Initially, the terms “physics” and “philosophy” were synonymous, since both disciplines were based on the desire to explain the laws of the functioning of the Universe. However, as a result of the scientific revolution of the XVI century, physics developed into an independent scientific branch.

In the modern world, the importance of physics is extremely high. All that distinguishes modern society from the society of the past centuries, appeared as a result of the practical application of physical discoveries. Thus, research in the field of electromagnetism led to the emergence of telephones and, later, mobile telephones, discoveries in thermodynamics allowed the creation of automobiles, the development of electronics led to the advent of computers. The development of photonics can give the opportunity to create fundamentally new – photonic – computers and other photonic equipment, which will replace the existing electronic equipment. The development of gas dynamics led to the emergence of airplanes and helicopters.

Physics 3D models file-formats: 3ds, max, dxf, fbx, br4, obp, c4d, dae, lwo, ma, mb, 3dm, hrc, xsi, wrl, wrz, obj