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3D Models of Gun Weapons Semi-Automatic.

Semi-automatic weapons – automatic weapons, the trigger mechanism which allows only single shooting.

Typically, the process involves removing the empty cartridge case, cocking the hammer mechanism and sending a new cartridge into the chamber. This is very similar to the automatics of machine guns or machine guns, but in a self-loading weapon a second shot does not happen automatically – the shooter has to release and pull the trigger again. In other words, one shot takes place with one press of the trigger.

Like automatic weapons, self-loading weapons are different from other types of weapons (for example, single-action revolvers, pump-action rifles, sliding-bolt rifles) in that they do not require reloading efforts after each shot. For example, in order to shoot ten cartridges from a self-loading rifle, it is enough to charge the first cartridge, and then press the trigger ten times. For other types of weapons, it is necessary to repeat the entire charge-discharge process each time. While in automatic weapons, the fire will be fired until the shooter releases the trigger or the ammunition runs out in the store.

The Mondragon rifle is considered the first semi-automatic rifle.