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The nervous system is an integral morphological and functional set of various interconnected, neural structures, which, together with the endocrine system, provide interconnected regulation of the activity of all body systems and the response to changes in the internal and external environment. The nervous system acts as an integrative system, linking the sensitivity, motor activity and the work of other regulatory systems (endocrine and immune) into one.

All the diversity of the values of the nervous system stems from its properties.

Excitability, irritability, and conductivity are characterized as a function of time, that is, it is a process arising from irritation to the manifestation of an organ’s response activity. According to the electrical theory of the propagation of a nerve impulse in a nerve fiber, it spreads due to the transfer of local foci of excitation to neighboring inactive regions of the nerve fiber or the process of propagating depolarization of the action potential, representing a kind of electric current. In the synapses, another process takes place – a chemical process in which the development of an excitation-polarization wave belongs to the acetylcholine mediator, that is, a chemical reaction.

The nervous system has the property of transforming and generating the energies of the external and internal environment and converting them into a nervous process.

A particularly important property of the nervous system is the property of the brain to store information in the process of not only onto but also phylogenesis.

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