Television 3D Models

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3D Models of TVs (television) and flat screens, monitors, etc.

TV is a receiver of television signals of the image and sound, which displays them on the screen and with the help of loudspeakers. A modern TV is capable of receiving television programs both from an antenna and directly from their playback devices, such as a VCR, DVD player, or media player.

The principal difference from the monitor is the mandatory presence of a built-in tuner, designed to receive high-frequency signals of on-air (or terrestrial: cable) TV broadcasting and their conversion into signals suitable for reproduction on the screen and loudspeakers.

The transformation of televisions into a familiar element of everyday life is associated with the advent of electronic television, which is entirely based on vacuum devices. Mass production of television sets was first established in Germany, where, since 1934, DFR TV station began regular broadcasts on the 180-line system. The first serial television sets with kinescope were released in the same year by Telefunken.

A classic analog TV contains a power supply unit, a radio receiver, a loudspeaker system, a video amplifier, a sweep unit, a deflection system and a kinescope. The radio is the main component of the channel selector, designed to select the received television channel and convert it to an intermediate frequency. Almost from the first years of production of electronic TVs, their radios are built according to the superheterodyne pattern. Therefore, the channel selector consists of a high frequency amplifier, a mixer and a local oscillator.

One of the first TV describes in his fantastic works of the second half of the XIX century, the French writer Louis Figuer. He also coined the term “telescope”, subsequently used by some inventors of technology for transmitting images over a distance. References to the tele-scopecope, which makes it possible to see at a distance, are also found in some Mark Twain stories of those years.