Trees 3D Models

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3D Models of Trees downloadable in 3ds max, maya, lwo, poser, obj, fbx, xsi, c4d, dwg, dfx, lwo.

Trees by the form of leaves are divided into coniferous and deciduous.

Conifers are usually distinguished by hard evergreen (rarely summer green) needle-like or scaly leaves, called needles or needles, form cones or juniper berries. This group includes, for example, pine, spruce, fir, larch, cypress, redwood.

Broad-leaved tree usually has wide and flat leaves – in which the thickness is much less than the length and width, usually falling once a year. Broad-leaved (or simply deciduous) usually bloom and bear fruit. This group includes maple, beech, ash, eucalyptus, and others.

In addition to classification by type of leaves, trees are divided according to the leaf lifetime – deciduous and evergreen.

Deciduous representatives have a clear change of leaf cover: all the leaves on the tree lose their green color and fall off, for some time (in winter) the tree stands without leaves, then (in spring) new leaves grow from the buds.

Evergreen trees do not have a clear change of leaf cover: the foliage is on the tree at any time of the year, and the change of leaves occurs gradually, throughout the life of the tree.

In addition to the biological classification, trees are divided according to other characteristics: for example, fruit ones (the fruits of which are used by humans for food), valuable (which wood is used for industrial purposes), ship trees (used in shipbuilding), tropical (their range is near the equator), the north (the range of which passes far from the equator) and so on.