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The Air Force (AF) is a type of the Armed Forces (AF) of a state, whose function is to combat the enemy in space, airspace, on the ground, on the sea surface and under water, as well as transporting troops, delivering property and weapons , aerial reconnaissance, weather reconnaissance using aircraft.

The air force is an important element of the armed forces and includes:

  • aviation;
  • special forces;
  • special services;

In various states it can act as an independent type of the Armed Forces or in conjunction with the air defense forces.

Types of aviation forces in the Air Force:

  • long-range (strategic);
  • front;
  • military transport;
  • sanitary.

As part of the ground forces, navy and air defense forces of the state can be a sea (deck and coastal) aviation and air defense aircraft, respectively. There may also be ground forces aviation (also known as army aviation), as well as ground strategic nuclear forces aviation. These structures are usually not part of the State Air Force.

The production of its own aircraft and the most powerful air force have armed forces of Great Britain, Germany, Israel, China, Russia, USA, France, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.