War 3D Models

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War-related 3D Models.

War is a conflict between political entities – states, tribes, political groups, and so on – taking place on the basis of various claims, in the form of armed confrontation, military (combat) actions between their armed forces.

As a rule, war is a means of imposing its will on the opponent. One political subject tries to change the behavior of the other by force, force him to give up his freedom, ideology, property rights, give away resources: territory, water area and another.

According to the wording of Clausewitz, “war is the continuation of politics by other, violent means.” It depends on the political leadership whether to start a war, with what intensity its conduct, when and on what conditions to agree to reconciliation with the enemy. The acquisition of allies and the creation of coalitions also depend on the political leadership. Domestic policies of states also have a great influence on the conduct of conflict. So, weak power needs quick success; success in a war is as much dependent on domestic policy as it is on a complete agreement between the foreign policy leadership and the military command, which also depend on the internal organization of the state.

The main means of achieving the goals of a conflict is organized armed struggle as the main and decisive means, as well as economic, diplomatic, ideological, informational and other means of struggle. In this sense, war is organized armed violence, the purpose of which is to achieve political goals.