Train 3D Models

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Train 3D models are popular among 3D artists.

Trains – in the modern concept, it is a formed and interlocked train consisting of a group of cars, with one or several active locomotives or motor carriages setting it in motion, and having established signals (sound and visible) that designate its head and tail. In addition, on many railways, each train gets a certain number, allowing it to be distinguished from other trains. The trains also include locomotives without wagons, motor cars, and special self-propelled rolling stock (for example, railcars and non-removable railcar types) sent to the haul and having installed signals. The discipline that studies trains and issues related to their movement is called train traction.

Although traditionally the word “train” was associated with rail transport, it appeared much earlier than the first steam locomotives (1804). Thus, according to the Dahl dictionary, the word “train” comes from the word “trip” and originally meant a series of carts following each other – in this sense, the word is preserved, in particular, in the phrase “wedding train”.

In the future, with the development of rail transport, the word “train” began to be applied to it. In the same Dahl dictionary one can come across such a definition: “A railroad train — how many locomotives are lucky, or what is coupled together, into one whole.” The definition also includes a group of interlinked cars – the train.