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Other 3D Models of Home and Office Furniture.

Office furniture is divided into complete (office sets and sets), and piece (single pieces of furniture). A set of office furniture consists of objects solved in a single decorative and composite key and made from a combination of the same natural and artificial materials. Complete office furniture also includes universal assembly furniture, which is assembled from cabinet elements and unified furniture panels. Furniture universal assembly can be combined both in height and in width. Office furniture is made of wood, plastic, metal, glass and various combinations of the listed materials.

Taking into account the nature of furniture production, office furniture can be mass, serial and experimental. The production method divides office furniture into joinery, extruded, molded, extruded, bent (using ready bent elements) and cast (from plastic or metal). Office furniture can be both soft and hard. Classification in one direction or another depends on the degree of compliance of the soft part of the furniture under the influence of the load and on the value of the subsequent deformation of the soft flooring. Rigid office furniture as a rule has a flooring of no more than 10 mm, or is not equipped with it at all. The soft part of the furniture is divided into 4 categories. Office upholstered furniture most often belongs to the 3rd and 4th categories of softness: for rest in a sitting position and for long work.

Office furniture is classified by design and technological features. It is case, not folding and folding, universal assembly, built-in, transformable, mobile, folding, etc. Cabinet office furniture is subdivided into frame and shield. Transformable furniture can change its shape and functional purpose, thereby saving room space. Built-in office furniture is stationary and forms a unit with office walls or partitions. As for mobile furniture, its location may vary depending on the desire of the consumer.