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3D Models of Parts for cars and automobiles such as sedan sport bus minivan SUV 3d police cars available in 3ds.

Despite the large variety of cars produced, they can always be divided into three main parts: the engine, the chassis, and the body.

The engine is a source of mechanical energy that sets the car in motion. In modern cars, as a rule, piston internal combustion engines are used, in which the process of fuel combustion takes place inside, in the engine cylinders.
The chassis is a set of mechanisms designed to transfer torque from the engine to the drive wheels to move and control the car. The chassis consists of the following components:
transmission transmits torque from the engine to the drive wheels;
the chassis allows the car to move, smoothing vibrations; consists of a frame, axle beams, front and rear suspension, wheels and tires;
control mechanisms (steering and braking system).
The body serves to accommodate people or goods. The bodies of cars and buses consist of a cabin for people, the body of trucks consists of a cargo platform and a cabin for people. The bodies of buses and cars perform the function of the frame in the carrier system of the car.

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