Launch Pad 3D Models

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3D Models of Launch Pad for Spaceships.

The launch complex is the place where the launch vehicle starts, as well as the facilities providing delivery to the launch pad, checking, refueling, preparing and launching space vehicles (launch vehicles).

The launch vehicle on rail or road access routes is delivered and installed in a vertical position on the launch pad (launch platform), under which, after the rocket’s propulsion systems are turned on, there may be a venting channel with a gas deflector that withstands the temperature and pressure of the exhaust gases during launch. For vertical installation of a rocket, portal cranes or jacks are usually used as part of a launch complex or a rocket transportation device.

The pre-flight maintenance of the launch vehicle can be carried out using a maintenance tower, which is installed close to the launch vehicle on the launch pad (the working platforms of the maintenance tower are connected by stairs and/or an elevator) and provides access to virtually any launch vehicle (aircraft) node, launch time (short time before launch), the service tower, as a rule, deviates (or is removed) from the launch vehicle.