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Coffeemaker 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Automates the process of making filter coffee. The water in this coffee machine passes through the heating tube, where part of it is formed into steam. Further, this steam, according to Archimedes’ law, rushes up along the heating pipe (it goes vertically upwards), while carrying along small portions of water, which is then poured into a container with ground coffee, soaked with it and drains into a container to collect the coffee beverage brewed in this way.

Main article: Geyser coffee maker
The coffee maker consists of a bottom water tank, a coffee filter and the top to collect the finished beverage. Cold water is poured into the lower container, a filter with ground coffee is installed on top, and finally the upper container is fixed. As a rule, the top and bottom of the coffee machine are fastened with a threaded fastener. The water in the lower tank heats up and rises into the upper tank, passing through the coffee filter.

Turkish coffee maker
Automates the process of making coffee in the Turk. Coffee, sugar, and spices are poured into a cup with a non-stick coating. Water is added. Coffee maker carries out heating the Turks below. On top of the Turk are the temperature and volume sensors. In accordance with the rules of making Turkish coffee, it is necessary to bring the coffee almost to the boil and remove it from the sand, the volume sensor does not allow the coffee to “run away”.

Main article: Capsule coffee maker
The capsule coffee maker uses coffee capsules for making coffee, which are loaded into the body of the coffee maker. For making coffee, the capsule is punctured and hot water under pressure (from 15 to 19 bar) passes through the coffee poured into it. The advantage of capsule machines is the speed and convenience of making coffee.

Main article: Espresso coffee maker
Espresso and cappuccino can be made in this coffee maker. Espresso coffee makers brew the drink with the help of steam obtained from water poured into a special vessel. Upon reaching the desired level of steam passes through the coffee, thereby making a delicious drink.