Hyundai 3D Models

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Hyundai 3D models represent a Korean conglomerate founded by Jung Joo-yong. After the Asian financial crisis, the company transferred most of its businesses to special divisions, including the Hyundai Motor Group, the Hyundai Department Store Group, and the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group. The name “Hyundai” is derived from the Korean word ино, which means “modernity”

The first company of the group was founded in 1947 as a car repair shop. She subsequently became an engineering and construction company. Jong Chu-Yong and his family members began to engage in other activities, expanding their influence on other industries. As a result, the largest chaebol in Korea appeared.

With the help of US military contracts and the support of government infrastructure development programs, Jong Joo-yong’s company has become the main construction company in the Republic of Korea. In particular, she carried out a prestigious order for the construction of a 400-kilometer high-speed highway between Seoul and Busan. Since 1965, Hyundai began to enter the construction markets of Guam, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 1967, the Hyundai Motor Company was founded. In 1973 Hyundai Heavy Industries was founded. The following year, the construction of the first sea vessel was completed. In 1983, Hyundai entered the electronics industry by creating Hyundai Electronics (since 2001, Hynix).

By the mid-1990s, the company had more than 60 subsidiaries and was actively involved in various sectors of the economy, including automotive, construction, chemical, electronics, financial services, heavy industry, and shipbuilding. In the same period, it had a total annual income of about $ 90 billion and more than 200,000 employees.