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Industrial transport is a combination of vehicles, structures, and paths of industrial enterprises intended for servicing production processes, moving raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products on the territory of a serviced enterprise. Industrial transport performs technological transportation, i.e. the movement of fuel and raw materials in the local boundaries of enterprises (internal technological transportation), and the import (export) of goods to other types of transport (external transportation). Industrial transport plays a leading role in the work of enterprises of the ferrous metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction, forestry, wood and oil refining, and other industries.

Industrial transport serves the needs of your enterprise and belongs to the non-commercial (departmental), being part of the infrastructure of the enterprise. It provides transportation within the shops and between them, provides communication shops and warehouses, as well as communication with the main transport during the export-import of raw materials and products.

The structure of industrial transport includes all types of transport that make up the transport system, as well as specific types of transport, but the main ones are rail, road, and pipeline transport. Specific modes of transport play a special role. These are continuous transport — pipelines, conveyors, cable-suspension and monorail roads, pneumatic and hydro-transport.

3D Models Industrial Vehicles Collections consist of:

  • Railway and automobile
  • Conveyor belt
  • Cable cars
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumocontainer
  • Monorail