Tableware 3D Models

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3D Models of Tableware for Dining and other Furniture 3D graphics.

The dish is a generic name for household items used to prepare, receive and store food. All dishes can be divided into several categories:

Items for serving the table: plates, bowls, bowls, dishes, salad bowls, cups, mugs, bowls, glasses, glasses, glasses, piles, saucers, dishes
Products for cooking: pots, pans, stewpans, skimmers;
Food storage containers.

Since time immemorial, mankind has used these or other types of dishes. At first, the dishes were made mostly of clay – the most heat resistant and liquid resistant material available in processing.

Later, from the 6th — 4th centuries BC. e. Pig-iron dishes began to appear, later copper dishes. The need to replace clay as the main material for the manufacture of dishes appeared with the transition from cooking on an open fire, on charcoal or in a stove to the use of cooking panels. Already later, in the 20th century, stainless steel tableware appeared. In the late 50s of the 20th century, the non-stick cookware, which is extremely popular today, appeared.

This category includes everything that we regularly see at the dinner table. Here and glassware (and crystal): plates, glasses; and ceramic or porcelain saucepans, plates, cups, mugs; and a variety of metal objects – spoons, forks, knives. Often used disposable dishes from plastic – which is certainly very hygienic, but is considered unacceptable in expensive restaurants.