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Ferrari 3D models of a luxury sports car brand are very popular on the internet.

Ferrari S.p.A. – it’s an Italian company that produces sports and racing cars. The headquarters are in Maranello. The company was founded in 1928 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored riders and produced racing cars until 1947. Since 1947, she began production of “street” (English street-legal) sports cars under the brand “Ferrari S.p.A.”. Throughout its life, the company participates in different races, especially in Formula 1, where it has the greatest success. The traditional color of cars is red, but the company produces cars in other colors too.

The racing team, called the Scuderia Ferrari (Scuderia Ferrari) was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Began to produce vehicles only in 1947.

Currently, the company belongs to the Fiat group. Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the company CEO – Sergio Marchionne. The head office and production is located in the Italian city of Maranello, near Modena.

94.4% of the shares of Ferrari is owned by Fiat.

The company produces racing and sports cars. In 2008, the company produced 6662 cars (1.2% more than in 2007). The number of personnel at the end of 2008 was 3017 people (3.1% more than in 2007). The turnover in 2008 amounted to 1.921 billion euros (15.2% more than in 2007).
The racing division of Scuderia Ferrari competes in Formula 1 racing and is the most successful in the entire history of racing (15 times became world champions and won the Designer Championship 16 times).

The company (its original name was Auto Avio Costruzioni) was founded in 1929 by racer, designer and tester of Alfa Romeo cars Enzo Ferrari. Initially, she produced various equipment for cars. The cars made by the company were manufactured under the Alfa-Romeo brand. With this company, Ferrari had a contract. The first car, bearing the proper name of the Ferrari, appeared in 1946. It was a Ferrari 125 model, with a powerful 12-cylinder aluminum engine, designed to fulfill the dream of its creator: to give an ordinary road car racing properties without compromising comfort. As a trademark of the company, Enzo Ferrari chose a prancing stallion on a yellow background.

By the end of 1947, there were already two modifications of the Ferrari engine, and its working volume grew on the model 166 from 1496 to 1995 cubic meters. The following year, Ferrari’s own team won the Mille Milla and Targa Florio races for the first time. 1949 brought the team a new triumph in the same competition, and a little later, the victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

The Ferrari emblem – a prancing stallion on a yellow background – first appeared on printed materials and official documents of the company in 1929. However, at that time the “Prancing Stallion” was not depicted on the cars, as they belonged to Alfa Romeo and had their own emblem in the form of a cloverleaf on a white background of a triangular shape.

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