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Men’s Apparel – a product or set of products worn by a man and carrying utilitarian and aesthetic functions.

Clothing can be made of fabric, knitted fabric, leather, fur, and other materials. It protects the human body from the negative influence of the environment and performs aesthetic functions – it creates the image of a person, demonstrates his social status. 3D Clothing may be supplemented with decorations and accessories.

Homo sapiens began to dress from 83,000 to 170,000 years ago.

The history of clothing from ancient times to the present day is like a mirror, which reflects the entire history of mankind. Each country, each nation in the individual periods of its development imposes its own imprint, its specific features on the clothing of people. The history of fashion is almost as old as the history of costume. From the moment when a person discovered the value of clothes as a means of protection from the adverse effects of nature, there was little left until he began to reflect on her aesthetic and stylizing function.