Bow 3D Models

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3D Models of Bow Weapons and other Projectiles for 3d modeling and rendering of low poly graphics for games, virtual worlds, and other animations or training environments.

A bow is a throwing weapon designed for shooting with arrows. For a shot, the archer pulls the string, thus storing energy in the bow and then releases the string, and the arc, quickly unbending, converts the stored potential energy into the kinetic energy of a fast-flying arrow.

The range of the arrow depends on the design of the weapon, the tension of the bowstring and the weather; averages up to 250 meters for a non-combat arrow.

Over time, the bow evolved into a crossbow, for shooting from which no special skill or strength was needed. In the Late Middle Ages, it was gradually replaced by firearms, although a long time bow and crossbow were used along with it.

Bows are divided into simple and compound, but they all represent an arc with a bowstring for throwing arrows. Simple ones were made from a single piece of wood of the most appropriate tree species up to 1.5 m long. Compound bows were shorter, made from different materials: horns, wood, and glued animal tendons. Due to this, while reducing the length of the bow itself, the necessary flexibility, resilience, and strength are achieved.

There is a division of bows into longbow and flatbow:

longbows – rounded in cross-section, with narrower shoulders;
flat bows – flat in cross-section, with wider shoulders.